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The new GEISTLICH NEWS is out!


The current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS has the topic of Ridge Preservation as its prime focus.

The continual consolidation of this technique equates to a total rethink in implantology – a progression toward restorations of a less risky, more technically simple and minimally invasive nature. What do we now know about losing volume after a tooth has been extracted? To what extent can Ridge Preservation preserve volume? In what situations is Ridge Preservation appropriate, when preferably not?

These and many other questions are answered directly by experts Dr. Mauricio Araujo, Brazil, Prof. Ronald Jung, Switzerland, Dr. Stefan Fickl, Germany, Prof. Giulio Rasperini, Italy,  Dr. Dietmar Weng, Germany and Dr. Beat Wallkamm, Switzerland,  – on the basis of available literature and their clinical experience.

Furthermore, there is a current bibliography on periodontal regeneration by Dr. Hector Rios, USA, and exciting input from the Geistlich “backstage” area – e.g. an interview with Geistlich’s collagen specialists in Wolhusen, Switzerland.

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Wishing you pleasant reading with the current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS!